Friday, January 15, 2010

Fairy Tale Vs. Reality

“Once upon a time, there was a…”

“Oh my goodness! DADDY!!!”

“Yes sweet heart? Is there anything wrong?”

“YES! You’re not kidding me right?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Come on dad, can you please stop telling me about fairy tales? I got fed up of them. They are fake and unreal. Every story is similar. Their endings are forever the same. The prince and princess get married and they live happily ever after. Boring!”

“Hey, this one will be totally different. I bet you.”

“Are you sure, daddy?”

“Haha, just be patient and listen to my story till the end. You won’t regret.”

“All right…”

“Yo! That’s my boy.”

And the story begins.

Once upon a time, there was a little princess living in her luxurious palace, together with her beloved parents, the King and the Queen. Her name was Princess Tiara. She was never exposed to the actual world outside. Her parents bubble-like her. She was neither polluted with, nor knew anything about the world’s reality. All she knew was only things happened in her small world, the castle where she lived in. Everything that she asked for, the King will fulfill. Anything that she was unpleasant with, will be banned in the palace, regardless what they are. Every single wish that she made will surely come true. For her, life was a bed of roses. There was no such things as “poverty, famine and wars” in her life.

Of course, as a human being, Princess Tiara had her hobbies as well. Drawing was one of her passions. She can spend whole day just to draw out something that crossed her mind. Other than that, she loved music. Listening to music can really make up her day. This little princess also had a big aquarium. She got a lot of goldfish in her tank. Sometimes, she abandoned her meals as she got too obsessed in observing the fishes swimming around. She truly enjoyed her life.

To the outsiders, Princess Tiara might be referred as the typical type of princess, a proud and arrogant one. She never wanted to start a conversation with others. Maybe it was because she did not know what to say, as you know, she seldom steps out from the castle to associate with other people. In other words, she was lack of communication skills. Fortunately, all the maids took pleasure in serving her. Only those who were close to her realized how friendly and nice she was. Although she was a princess, she never mistreats her servants. Princess Tiara was always a good listener to them, too. She treated them as her friends and she was glad that they were good companions for her.

Princess Tiara was as pure as the spring water. She will never doubt whatever things that people told her. Some might interpret her as naive, or perhaps others will say that she was foolish. Since she was overprotected, she thought that everyone lives the same life as she did. However, problems appeared when her nation was conquered by the enemy. The King lost his throne and all the people in the palace were imprisoned, except for Princess Tiara. A loyal follower of the King had assisted her to escape.

For now, the poor princess had nothing left, and she got nobody with her. Princess Tiara came to a busy town where life went on at a fast pace. Soon, an old woman offered her a place to stay, with the term that Princess Tiara would work for her. Being conscious that she had nowhere to go, she agreed. Surely, none of the people there can tell that she was a princess. At first, she complained a lot about her hard life. She had to complete all the house chores on her own, from cleaning to cooking. The old woman often scolded her because she cannot do things well. When the night came, she will hide herself in her room and started to cry, blaming the God for making her life miserable.

As time passed, Princess Tiara became more independent. Besides, she got to know a new friend. Unlike the others, this friend was special, in the sense that she was always there for the princess when she was blue. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Her sincerity impressed Princess Tiara where once, the clumsy princess upset the woman as she broke a vase while she was doing the cleaning. The friend defended her and was punished by the old lady. She was a true friend. Eventually, they became inseparable. Being an innocent one, it was a great relief for Princess Tiara because she was able to meet such a kind-hearted person.

After her blissful life shattered, Princess Tiara learnt that “cruelty”, was actually what the community claimed as “reality”. Rather than giving in, she had chosen to remain herself. She held tightly on her principle: although most of the humankind is merciless, there are still exceptions, for someone out there, and someday, in somewhere, the destiny will bring them together…

The end.

“Is that all?”

“Yeap, you may off to sleep now.”

As the guy walks out the room, his son called him.

“Daddy, can you tell me another fairy tale tomorrow night?”

“Haha. Why not? Good night and sweet dreams.”

“Good night dad, I love you.”